Popular Personal Task Manager OmniFocus 2 is Now Available for iPad Users, Adds Many New Features

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    OmniFocus is one of the best task manager apps available on iTunes, and now it has received a really useful update. Version 2.1 of the iPad app is now a universal title, being available for iPhone, iPad and even iPod users in specific versions. Many new features have been added, as follows:

    Changes from OmniFocus for iPad 2.0.3
    • Customizeable Today Extension — show deferred items or choose a custom perspective to display in Notification Center (Pro)
    • Tiled Home Screen (Pro) — Tap and Hold to drag tiles and customize your layout
    • Extension Architecture — We’ve changed the underlying way extensions interact with the OmniFocus app to make adding and viewing items in extensions more responsive and generally seamless
    New features for the iPhone version:
    • Landscape Support — Landscape orientation is now supported on iPhone
    • Review — The Review perspective is now available on iPhone
    • Perspective Creation (Pro) — Create perspectives on your iPhone
    • Project Perspectives — Perspectives which use project hierarchy are now supported on iPhone
    • Grouping and Sorting — Grouping and sorting are now available on iPhone
    • Platform Parity — In general, all of the features of OmniFocus for iPad are now available on iPhone in this Universal app. If you can’t find something, let us know!
    Since it is now available as a universal app, the price of OmniFocus 2 has gone up from $30 to $40. The Pro upgrade costs an additional $20, but if you bought OmniFocus 1 for iPhone or iPad, you will get it for free. Follow the link from below to download it.

    Source: iTunes

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