Popular Minimalist Puzzle Game Dark Echo Goes Free for a Week

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    Dark Echo is a new puzzle game from developer RAC7 Games, and it has enjoyed great success so far among iPhone and iPad users. It has even gotten Apple's attention, as its editorial team has selected the title to go free for a week.

    The game usually retails for $1.99, but it will be available at no cost until next Thursday, March 26. Here's how Apple's team describes the game:

    "A chilling reminder that the threats you don’t see can be most terrifying, Dark Echo drops you into a pitch black room with only sounds and vague outlines to guide you. Before long, you’ll be clinging to every little noise or flash of light, going to avoid buzzing flies and angry growls. And when you finally reach the unlatching door that leads to the next area, you’ll feel an exhilarating joy of pure glee.”

    And here's how its official description sounds like:

    Have a look at the trailer from above to see what the game is all about and then you can follow the link at the end to download it. Besides being free, Dark Echo doesn't contain any in-game advertising nor in-app purchases.

    Source: iTunes

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