Popular ‘Anno’ Strategy Game Series Coming to iPad Users

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    The Anno video game series is one of the best strategy games of all times which involves real time strategy, business simulation and city building elements. Depending on the edition of the game, the players deal with colony building and resource management where they can explore, fight, trade and become diplomacy master. The games have been well received by players, thanks to its detailed and lively graphics and well set up gameplay. And now, according to Ubisoft, the developer of the game, it is coming to iPad users:

    The game comes with a vast array of commands, letting you build taverns to keep your people relaxed, build homes and even create additional islands in order to keep the trade flowing with your neighbors. Thus, you will quickly become a master of industry and rule over your empire which will start with a handful of peasants and one island. Besides the single campaign mode, you’ll be able to challenge your friends thanks to social integration in the game.

    An iOS spinoff of the Anno series, called Dawn of Discovery - Harbor, has been available for a while on the iTunes store, but it’s the first time when a full, proper Anno game makes its way to the iPad. The ‘Anno: Build an Empire’ will soon hit the App Store and you’ll need to have an iPad 2 or higher and at least iOS 6 to be able to play it.

    Source: Ubisoft

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