Police officer buys a new iPad for autistic child after his own got stolen

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    A heartbreaking story has been reported by Fox News in which a special needs child has been robbed of his only means of communicating with the world around him. Three ½ year old Ryan Cardoso is autistic and unlike other children, he doesn’t use his iPad for fun and games. Far from it. Ryan is nonverbal and the iPad was his only way of saying he was tired or hungry. More than that, the device was used as therapy, in helping Ryan connect and adapt to the world around him.

    But unfortunately, the device was stolen from his mother’s car while charging, by an unknown perpetrator. The mother was outraged by what has happened to her child, so she placed a sign outside her house demanding the device back. She said on TV:​​

    “Would you steal a wheelchair from someone that needs a wheelchair to walk? You wouldn’t, would you He needs this to talk. Shame on you.”

    The family has gone through layoffs and medical problems and can’t afford a new iPad right now. But Ryan’s sad story has reached the news and now a lot of people have expressed their willingness to help.

    Update: Apparently the mother, Sarah Cardoso, has reported for FOX that a kind Stoughton police officer has talked to the family and agreed to help with the purchasing of a new iPad for little Ryan.

    Source: My Fox Boston

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    Sometimes you lose faith in humanity when bad things like this happen than hope comes into light when good things like what this officer did and puts faith back into humanity.

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