Pokémon Go International Rollout Paused Due to Unprecedented Demand on Servers

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By Maura on Jul 9, 2016 at 3:06 PM
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    Pokemon Go worldwide rollout delayed by server crash.JPG

    Bad news today for all those of us who are waiting for Pokémon Go to be released in their country, as demand has been so great for the game in the few territories (US, Australia, New Zealand) where it has been released that servers are crashing under the strain.

    Business Insider reports that the game’s creator, Niantic, is working flat-out to fix the problem, but CEO John Hanke has told Business Insider that the international rollout of Pokémon Go is “paused until we’re comfortable.”

    According to Hanke, while they expected the game to go down well with fans, they had no idea what an instant craze it would become, especially on social media, with so many people sharing funny pictures of Pokémon in strange locations.

    “We thought the game would be popular,” said Hanke, “but it obviously struck a nerve.”

    It’s also already making its creators a ton of money, despite being a free-to-play game, with in-app purchases going through the roof in just a few days. As mobile business adviser Tero Kuittinen said on Twitter, “Pokemon Go” hit Number 1 on US iPhone revenue in half a day. This simply does not happen.”

    Kuittinen also tweeted today “Surreal—walked 5 blocks of Ridgefield Main Street and kids met 4 kids playing Pokemon Go. This is bigger than Candy Crush in 2013.”

    The idea that Pokémon Go is also encouraging Pokémon hunters of all ages to meet up in the real world is expounded in a Polygon article entitled “Pokémon Go is turning strangers into the best of friends,” with one player interviewed saying “Literally went on a two hour adventure last night. Met people in the real world all playing the game. It was a magical experience.”

    Another great article on Fast Company, entitled “Pokémon Go is the Most Addicting App in Years. Here’s Why it Matters,” said that the game represents the first truly successful augmented reality app, aside from just being loads of fun to play.

    Now if only they’d hurry up and release it in the UK so I can go catch me a Jigglypuff!

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    Pokémon Go is turning strangers into the best of friends

    Pokémon Go Is The Most Addicting App In Years. Here's Why It Matters


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jul 9, 2016.

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