Pokémon Go Could be Getting a Buddy System

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    Pokémon Go fans have been hard at work analysing the game’s code in order to find out what new features Niantic might be about to add to the game. According to Pokémon Go Hub, via Polygon, GitHub user AeonLucid has discovered a system within the game code that indicates that Niantic could be planning a “buddy system” for a future update.

    Along with fellow programmer elfinlazz, AeonLucid found evidence that the new buddy system would let players walk around with a single “buddy” Pokémon, in a very similar way to how Pokémon eggs are carried around in an incubator by the player and will only hatch after a certain number of miles are traversed. Carrying your favourite Pokémon around with you in such a way will earn you candies, which will be especially helpful for those of us whose favourite Pokémon are relatively rare, and therefore take much longer to evolve due to the scarcity of their particular candies.

    AeonLucid and elfinlazz also found evidence within the code to suggest that buddy Pokémon might be shown on-screen with the player’s avatar, with mention of “medium,” “big,” “flying,” and “shoulder”-bound Pokémon.

    Niantic has not responded to Polygon’s enquiries to either confirm or deny the report, but hopefully we’ll be able to buddy up with our favourite Pokémon very soon when the next big update arrives.

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