Pokémon Go Catching Bug Fix on the Way

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    New Pokemon Go catching bug to be fixed soon.JPG

    BGR writes that Pokémon Go developer Niantic has promised to fix the problems that some Pokémon Go players are reporting with catching Pokémon.
    What this basically means is that at the moment, Pokémon Go players will likely be using up far too many of their precious supply of PokéBalls trying to catch low CP Pokémon that they should really be catching pretty easily. Apparently, the bug means that many Pokémon currently have a much higher chance of escaping than they should have.

    It’s also been reported that it’s more difficult to catch Pokémon the higher your Trainer level, and this would appear to be another effect of the same bug. Those of a more cynical disposition have even been saying that the “bug” is actually a deliberate ploy by Niantic to nudge people into spending more money in-app on PokéBalls, but would they really go so far as to upset their most loyal players in this way? Probably not.

    Whatever the reason, we can hopefully look forward to a fix for this very soon!

    Source: Niantic confirmed it’ll fix one of the most annoying Pokemon Go bugs yet

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