Pokémon Go Arrives in Germany, Other Countries to Follow

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    Those of us in the territories where Pokémon Go is not yet released are having to watch patiently as folks in the US, Australia, and New Zealand are having the most awesome time playing Pokémon Go. As is always the way with App Store releases, we currently don’t even have a firm date to fix on as to when we might finally get our hands on the game. However, as AppleInsider reports today, the worldwide rollout has most definitely begun, albeit slowly, with the game arriving in the German App Store today, and word from the official Pokémon Go Twitter account that there are “future announcements” to come. The game is not even out in Japan yet, the actual home of Pokémon, but according to rumour it could be arriving there “within a few days.”

    It seems that the German launch is not without problems, though, as the incredible demand for the game has once again led to some local server outages. It’s most likely that launches in other territories will be delayed until Niantic can be sure that its servers can handle the extra load.

    Source: European expansion of Pokemon Go commences with launch in Germany
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    This game is so much fun :D

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