Pocket God: Journey to Uranus is Released Tastefully, and Exclusively, for iPad!

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    iPad owners beware, your beloved device is about to get invaded by pygmies! Yes, it’s finally here, the brand-new iPad-exclusive app from the creators of Pocket God - Pocket God: Journey to Uranus - has been developed completely from the ground up, and features new mini-games not present in the original iOS title, such as “A-Hole In Timeâ€, a game that pays homage to Tempest 2000. With the pygmies floating around in outer space, the player can guide their loyal subjects towards different planets to start various mini-games, as well as torture their followers in the grand tradition of the game, by burning them up in the atmosphere, throwing them into the sun, or having them chased by aliens.

    Click here to download the game for $4.99/£2.99: Pocket God: Journey To Uranus for iPad on the iTunes App Store

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