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    Here , before i ask something , i have to thanks for the viewing my questions and thanks for answering ..^^

    here the questions ..

    Last days , when i am here at my currently place ,, my ipad2 have a 3g connection ..
    But when today i come here my ipad2 was edge ...
    So the main problem , last night i rejailbreak my ipad2 ( for fun ) .. ;p ,and then i occured some problem like stuck in apple logo , lol , and i gained some exp, ^^
    but now the problem is solved .. Lol

    And this time i just wanna ask why my ipad when i go to SBSetting , then touch the 3G to green , its have 3G connection just for 2min , and then the Edge come back to rule my ipad2 connection T_T even no connection ..the most strange issue is , even my signal is full , the connection is still Edge
    Is this te problem from the internet provider or was my ipad2 problem .?
    Based on my exp, i think this is my internet provider problem ..

    Anyone suggestion ?? ,,,

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