Plants vs. Zombies Gets Major Update

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    PopCap Games announced today that it has just released a major update for its incredibly popular, and just plain incredible, Plants vs. Zombies iOS game. The new update features five new game levels, Last Stand Endless mode, and three new achievements, namely Hammer Time, Still Standing and Stuff of Legends, bringing the total number of achievements in the game to 48 for the iPad version and 47 for the iPhone version. The Last Stand Endless mode is a variation on the classic Endless mode, where you can only use a limited amount of sun.

    The new update is available to download for free if you already have the game of course, and there are also several in-app purchase game packs also available, including additional premium content to download. Finally, for the iPad version of the game, full Retina display support has now been added.

    Click here to download for $2.99 for the iPhone version: App Store - Plants vs. Zombies

    Or here to download the iPad HD version for $6.99: Plants vs. Zombies HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store
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