Pixar names main headquarter building after Steve Jobs

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    Today every animation movie lover is familiar with smash box hits like Monsters, Inc and Toy Story, but back in 1995 the company behind them – Pixar was just starting developing a name for itself.

    This week a Pixar employee tweeted an interesting photo that showcases the main building of Pixar’s headquarters. The surprise wasn’t the building’s architecture but its name – it’s called the Steve Jobs Building. Apparently Pixar decided to pay tribute to the late Apple boss who financed the company when it was first starting up, thus helping it to bloom into the major industry name it is today.

    Pixar even credited Jobs at the end of its latest animation movie Brave, but naming a building after him will sure help preserve his name into posterity. According to OfficeSnapshots Steve Jobs was directly involved in the design of the building and offered his creative input in many matters of the company. Pixar’s facilities director stated that:

    “Jobs strived for a campus that stood the test of time. He didn’t want a standard office-park building – one with corrugated metal siding or ribbon windows. The building had to look good 100 years from now That was his main criterion.”
    Steve Jobs even acted as CEO of Pixar for a brief period of time in 2004, just before Disney brought the animation studio under their wing.

    By Radu

    Pixar dedicates main campus building to late CEO Steve Jobs
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    Great news, and fully appropriate given the effort and money Steve Jobs put into making Pixar into what it is, without SJ's support and financial backing we would not have pixar and missed out on many good animation movies

    RIP Steve Jobs 

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