Picture wont show up on line.

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    Only that shows up is a little blue box with a white question mark. It does this on safari and the app store
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    Only setting I am aware of for Images display is in general/mail/load remote images but is email specific. Set to ON

    Are restrictions active for Safari or the App store? If so disable them and try again

    Standard cleanup always recommended

    1. Remove problematic app(s) from background. (performs an app only "reboot")

    Double press home button and task bar appears with recently used apps.

    Long press any of them until it wobbles and displays a red minus sign.

    Tap the red minus sign(s) to remove app from RAM

    Tap home button to return to desktop.

    NOTE: encourage removing ALL apps from background task bar as described above. Can only help, does NO harm

    2. Power cycle the iPad. (after step 1 is complete)

    Long press power button and home button until power down slider appears

    Swipe the power down slider

    Wait for spinning icon to appear then vanish. When it's gone power back up.
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