Picture orientation in ipad2 or ios in general

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by ronwong, Nov 12, 2011.

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    there are a few threads on picture orientation but its not exactly what i am trying to find out.

    simple, i take a picture in portrait format, uplaoad to facebook, it comes up landscape and i have to turn my head 90 degree to see.

    Its not only about face book, but sharepoint, other apps. i specificall tested this, by taking 4 pictures, portrait lock screen rotation, portrait unlock screen rotatn, landscape lock scren rotation, landscape unlock screen rotation, and then uploading all 4 pictures to a blog page, all 4 pictures come out landscape. So basically I have no control of the orientation.

    I heard something about apple using some external flags to show correctly in apple applications, but i have no idea of the true orientation of the picture, and when these pictures are sent to external applications, its the true orientation that shows.

    i downloaded an app called PicRotate that seems to decipher its true orientation, but it save pics at a lossy compression with no options, there there no solution for such a simple thing?

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