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    Got my IPAD from Santa... yay! I plan on using it for reading books, games, email, facebook, music...... I can't figure out how to put my photos from my computer to my IPAD.... the only thing I've been able to do is email a couple pics at a time, but that is a major pain. Can anyone tell me the easiest way to get it done? Also, the best app to download books. I downloaded Kindle, but that doesn't seem to work
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    Congratulations and Welcome To The Forum!

    (1) The way to get a lot of data from your computer is to sync your iPad via iTunes--icuding photos. Set up folders on your PC so you can find them easily in iTunes. The name of your folders will become your albums on the iPad.

    (2) There are many book apps you can download. The Kindle is an excellent competitor to the iBooks app that comes from Apple. If you can find it in iBooks you can probably get it cheaper in the Kindle app. As to why it isn't working...sometimes turning off your iPad after installing an app helps. To turn off your iPad, press and hold down your sleep button until you see the red power off slider. Slide to off to get the white apple. Wait a couple of seconds, then press and hold down the sleep button until you get the white apple and shortly after that your iPad will be on.

    If you haven't already done so, go to iBook and download your iPad Users Guide.
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