Photos from 8+ to iPad.

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    Is there a way I can get my photos on my 8+ to my iPad so I can post to Craigslist? I have icloud for my phone but not the iPad I think the photos are the wrong format to use on Craigslist.. If you say use icloud I'll have to try and figure out how....

    In case you have not figured it out I am very new to the iPad world. So I can use all the help I can get.

    Thanks for your time LeeB28
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    If you are only transferring a few photos, the two easiest things to do are:

    Go to the App store and download PhotoSync by touchbyte GmbH on both the iPad and iPhone, open on both, select the photos on the iPhone, and then transfer them to the iPad

    Or, select the photos on the iPhone in the Photos app, choose the Share icon (box with up arrow, then AirDrop them to the iPad.

    If you want the same photos on both devices, and want to keep them in sync, you are back to iCloud Photo Library as the best option. You may need to purchase extra space if the photo library is large; about a $1 month gets you plenty. It may take the photo library a few days to completely sync after enabling it on both devices.

    If you do use iCloud at some point, keep in mind that you should sign in and use the same iCloud account on you iPad as you use on your iPhone. Even it the Apple ID’s you used/created for each device are different, you can still use the same iCloud account.
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    Hello Lee... - first, I'm assuming by '8+' above that you mean an iPhone 8 Plus - correct? Second if so, let us know the specific iPad model you own and which iOSs are installed on your iDevices. There are numerous ways to get photos transferred - for starters, iCloud, AirDrop, and eMail are done easily - assume that you have a Wi-Fi network w/ your devices online - but for more information on these options, check this WEBSITE.

    Also, there are other apps and Wi-Fi devices that can be used, e.g. I have PhotoSync & Photo Transfer apps on my iPhone XR and iPad Pro - available at the App Store (first pic below). Also, the newest iOS and camera app may use the new Apple image format HEIF (see 2nd pic) - you may want to make sure that your iPhone is taking a compatible format, i.e. JPEG that can be uploaded easily to Craig's list. Dave :)


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