photos disappearing from albums and notes not saving

Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by raggetty, Jan 24, 2014.

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    Hi, i'm Raggetty and i'm new on here.. ive always used macs, but rather new to ipad, so, please bear with me!
    Sorry if there is already a thread which covers all this, i couldnt find it.
    Heres my problem which i hope someone out there can help me to solve:
    Ive got an ipad. 3 which ive been really pleased with. Ive been taking photos and putting them into albums on the ipad.
    just before Christmas i met up with some friends to show them some photos. The albums were there and named but the photos had gone from both the albums and the camera roll. not all had gone, some albums- i think the most recent were still there.
    They were not saved to the cloud either.
    On top of that, notes i had taken at meetings also did not save and when the ipad was switched off the notes disappeared.
    i think the i pad is a 30gb.

    Ive looked in settings and its says there are 516 photos, but, in the camera roll it says 211.:confused::confused::confused:
    is it possible to retrieve the photos?
    Is it possible to retrieve the notes?

    Again, apologies if this has already been covered.
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    Hi, raggetty! Welcome to iPF!

    A few thoughts to your problem with disappearing Notes:

    Do you use one or more accounts to take notes? It could be possible that they are hidden in another account. Go to Notes. If you can see "Accounts" on the top left, tap it and choose "All Notes" in the next view.

    If you only use one email account for your notes, then go to that account and look through all your folders there in the Mail app. Maybe they are in a mailbox/folder called "Notes", and you'll find them there.

    And to find the photos again, install something like iFunBox or iPhone Explorer on your computer, connect your iPad to it and get the photos and folders to your computer. Then you can look at the folders and see if you find the missing pictures.

    Hope that helps.
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