Photo reveals iOS 5 ahead of WWDC

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    A purported photo of an iPhone running iOS 5 has recently leaked on the Internet. The picture shows a new camera icon and a double-height status bar that could also include notifications, not only hotspot features and ongoing calls.

    Deep twitter integration could be supported by the notification system, rumors suggest. A mismatch exists however between the notification font and the status bar or icon font.
    Very few features of iOS 5 have been leaked so far, compared to the major leaks of previous OS versions. The notification system could be revamped and the man responsible for the refresh is allegedly the lead webOS notification designed, hired by Apple last year, other rumors say. Other new features may include widgets and other improvements that would allow iOS to overtake Android in term of core interface elements.

    Apple is the only one that can seep away the mystery around iOS 5 and the recently leaked photo which many take it as a photoshopped picture. Steve Jobs will step of the WWDC’s stage to deliver his keynote today.

    By Radu Tyrsina
    Source: Possible Screenshot of iOS 5 Running on iPhone Surfaces - iPhone Forum

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