Photo Editing App 'Brushstroke' is Apple's Free App of the Week

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Dec 19, 2014.

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    Photo Editing App 'Brushstroke' is Apple's Free App of the Week.jpeg

    Brushstroke by Code Organa developer is one of the best photo-editing apps available on the iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad users. Apple also seems to be well aware of that and that's why it has decided to name it as its App of the Week. This means that throughout next Thursday, you will be able to get it completely fro free (the app was previously priced at $2.99).

    Available in standalone versions for iPhone and iPad users, it comes with many features that have earned it such a good rating from thousands of users:

    • Automatically transform your photos into one of many painting styles
    • Load photos from your Camera Roll and other Albums
    • Take snaps and watch them transform instantly
    • Experiment with different color palettes
    • Adjust your painting to get just the right look
    • Select from a variety of canvases and surfaces
    • Sign your painting to personalize it
    • Share your art on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
    • Have your art printed and shipped right to your doorstep
    Brushstroke was also updated earlier this week with a new illustration pack containing a few new styles, color palettes and canvases. Go ahead and follow the link from below to get it.

    Source: iTunes
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    Thanks for that, just downloaded that app and looking forward to trying it out. Sigh...gone into the second screen now to contain all my photo editing/enhancement apps:)

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    Thanks so much for your recommendation, Radu! I had deleted it without really giving it a chance, but will go back and download it and give it a go!

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