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    We're in the process of building a new house and are choosing granite colors/patterns. Have been using the iPad to show vendors what we have in mind for preferred granite. However, the colors that show on my 15" MBP are not what shows on iPad. The reds are almost washed out on the iPad.

    I have been importing Nikon RAW files 4288 x 2848. Thinking that the compression routine might be part of the problem I opened 2 RAW files in CS4, reduced to 8 bit and compressed to 800 x 600, or thereabouts, to see if color was restored if no compression was required. Same washed out granite.

    Anyone had similar experiences? Possible corrections?

    Addendum: my mistake. The colors on my MBP are incorrect!! MBP added too much red.
    I guess I need to find out how to recalibrate my MBP.
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