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    The G-mate bag is functional and good looking and is MADE IN AMERICA. It is not limited to iPad devices either it works for other tablets as well. So easy to use you don’t even have to risk taking it out of the case. Keeping your screen pristine! It has a built in Velcro tab tucked inside to keep your device from accidentally sliding out, while in transit in a horizontal position.
    This clear panel feature lets you use your tablet without the hassle of getting it out of the case. Brilliant! Also it make it easy to sanitize, yet another bonus; a big plus for you moms. It provides protection from spills or accidental drops. I must note, that the clear panel when it lays against the tablet screen allow for some bubbles, this may drive some people crazy. It does not bug me, as I think the advantages far out weight this. When it’s dark I barely notice. It has innovated generous cut outs. Making charging or other adjustments a snap for all tablets Nice!

    The other side of the bag has 2 utility pockets; a half size pocket with a cute zipper sleek pull fob, this pocket accommodates enough to carry your ear buds, charger, pen or maybe a lipstick or two. At the top of the bag is a deep envelope looking generous sized pocket lined with soft micro-fleece interior with snap fastener that fits perfectly for my apple wifi bluetooth keyboard. Hallelujah! (Note-make sure to turn your blue tooth off in transit as not to drain the batteries)
    The tote has two portability options it comes with a side handle and the company includes an adjustable strap too allowing it to become a fashionable messenger bag. The strap attaches to two sturdy outside d-rings. The straps hardware easily clips on and off using a secure swivel hook clips. If there was one improvement I would like to see the side handle a little stronger perhaps by doubling up the material or rolling the side edges.

    To see my personal review with pictures- please click on my link


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