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Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by Jimmyblues, Nov 21, 2013.

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    The last update took away awe.reader, one of the few readers that could split the screen for 2 pages at a time. It was free, no longer in the app store and was not restored like all the other apps I depend on. So dozens of music books i loaded into it gone with the app. Unless I'm missing something, a full back up is not full if the app is discontinued. Ok, so i do have back up of all those books. Enter Goodreader, oops, have to wait, many issues with latest update. Does anyone know of a pdf reader that has the split screen option besides Goodreader? This is not a huge deal, it is a huge inconvenience.

    Since when is an update supposed to destroy data?
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    Sorry Jimmy - I feel your pain - appears that the 'baby was thrown out w/ the sandbox' - i.e. the files were stored w/i the app's iPad 'sandbox' and if the app was not restored on the upgrade, the associated files were lost - I had a few apps that concerned me when upgrading and each had a way of storing the data elsewhere in case a recovery was needed - doesn't help much but a possible explanation. So, if you do have a 'backup' hopefully you're be able to get them back the way desired - good luck! Dave :)

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