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    PaintByHand is a FREE iPad paint art & creativity app created by ONTRI, software and web company based in Boston, MA. The app was designed specifically for kids to have fun painting and coloring by hand, and easily save their artworks, share it with friends on Facebook, email to friends or submit to the PaintByHand gallery which can be viewed on its website and fan page. Anyway, the user record shows that PaintByHand users are not only kids; their parents and young teenagers actively participate using this app. Everybody can be an artist with PaintByHand !

    The app has been downloaded by more than ten thousand users in its first month and is enjoyed by thousands of kids from around the world. The most important missions of the PaintByHand app are to accommodate creativity and sense of art, bring education wrapped with entertainment to the iPad, and even making it fun to paint without any mess.

    Check out some fantastic & creative hand painting arts created by PaintByHand users.


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    Download PaintByHand on iPad for FREE

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