Painful Periods: Endometriosis

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    Learn about endometriosis, the female condition that causes painful periods, pelvic pain, infertility and other problems. Use the interactive calendar to track your symptoms.

    Endometriosis is an incurable chronic inflammatory disease requiring life-long management. The disease remains largely overlooked and many women have it but are unaware, mistakenly dismiss their symptoms as normal events associated with menstruation, or do not receive appropriate treatment.

    Information provided in the app includes a description of endometriosis, its symptoms, effects on fertility, and its diagnosis and treatment. Advice on relationships, work, lifestyle, natural therapies and remedies is also presented.

    Be sure to use the symptom tracker to record monthly events that may help your doctor help you.

    This app is available in English and Arabic, and is available to users in the Middle East only: If, however, you are in a country that falls outside this region, please let us know, and we'll look at releasing the app in your country too.
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