OS Update locks up Ipad

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by path07, Dec 28, 2010.

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    I am a 9 month owner of my base ipad, 16 gig , wifi only ...love it immensly, first owned apple product...have to fight with my 3 yr old to play with it...

    anyway the update has seemed to take forever, as someone else mentioned in another thread, the back up took about 3 hours, i know I have about 6 gigs of pics on it...downloading OS4.2 via wifi, 550megs took about an hour..

    the update seemed to go quickly after the backup but has locked up my ipad.

    had patience and waited another hour or so, finally itunes showed the update as "Done" but the ipad shows its "apple" and a progess bar stuck at about 66% of the way...

    first tried to reboot, but it returns to this same state as if the update never completed on the ipad itself and my itunes "lied" to me about being "Done".

    any help is greatly appreciated, i have a 8+ hr drive tommorrow with my 3 yr old and would love to have a working ipad for the trip...


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