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Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by jaeapla, Jun 2, 2011.

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    I have a new original iPad w/64gigs and 3G. Everything transferred perfectly from iTunes except PHOTOS (988 in 13 subdirectories). I have Googled the problem and many people acknowledge this problem but I can't find a solution. I previously had an iPhone 3GS, and I read that if you had synced to another device previously, then this could create a problem on the iPad.

    I tried the traditional method of deleting the iPod Photo Cache, rebooting and trying again, but no luck. I have hooked up my camera to the iPad with the connection kit and it works perfectly, but no luck synchronizing.

    I get a message (after it creates a name and subdirectory for each of my photo subdirectories, but then tells me that 'some of your photos, including the photo "xxxxxxx.jpg", were not copied to the iPad "XXXXXX's iPad" because they cannot be displayed on your iPad'.

    Please help -- if I can't solve this problem, I have no use for the iPad. Thanks.
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    If you're primary purpose for the iPad is displaying photos, you are never going to be satisfied with the Photos app even if you get it to sync. You may wan to look at some of the third party photo organizers that are available. Here is a link to a list of popular apps.

    Photo Organization Apps: iPad/iPhone Apps AppGuide

    But it would probably be a good idea to solve the original problem anyway. :)

    My advice is to go back to the Photo syncing options in iTunes. If you don't have it set up to sync selected folders, do so. Then select and sync one folder at a time until you figure out which folder, or folders are not working.

    At that point you will have a better chance of tracking down what photos are causing problems.

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