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oregon trail american settler can you move pond/lake/water

Discussion in 'iPad Games' started by MoreAwsomeThanYouAre, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. MoreAwsomeThanYouAre

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    Oct 20, 2011
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    I was wondering can you move this I just want one or two big ones they are kind of every where and in my way. I would prefer not to sell the pond
    Thank toy

    •Â´Â¯`•. s̰̃ḛ̃ñ̰t̰̃ f̰̃r̰̃õ̰m̰̃ m̰̃ỹ̰ ã̰w̰̃s̰̃õ̰m̰̃ḛ̃ ḭ̃p̰̃ã̰d̰̃ ṵ̃s̰̃ḭ̃ñ̰g̰̃ t̰̃h̰̃ḛ̃ s̰̃w̰̃ḛ̃ḛ̃t̰̃ ḭ̃p̰̃ã̰d̰̃ f̰̃õ̰r̰̃ṵ̃m̰̃s̰̃ .•Â´Â¯`•

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