Opera releases the new Coast browser for iPad

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    As of today, Opera launched in the Apple App store a brand new application entitled Coast. The app is actually a special browser designed for iPads. Coast offers a host of simple functionalities and is focused on the ability to visualize the whole web page on the tablet’s screen. From the official press release:

    “The web has evolved exponentially from drab, grey webpages with blue, linked text to vivid, elegant pages with complex graphics, videos and other interactive information. Yet, so far, the web experience on tablets has​​ been limited to browsers that are either scaled-up versions of mobile browsers or scaled-down desktop browsers. Opera wanted to do something about that.”

    With this in mind, users will discover that the browser only features a bar placed at the bottom of the page which comes equipped with two buttons – one for viewing pages that are already opened and another one to go back to the start page. What’s very interesting about Coast is its animation. For example, if you wish to close certain windows, the upper part will act as a portal which swallows the windows and takes them out of your site – all in an animation.

    The Coast has been optimized to be used in all-touch environment and you will feel that. More than that, Coast offers a unique feel to each website you visit by virtue of personalizing each page, treating them more like apps. The new browser also comes packing built-in search which actives when you begin to search.

    Source: AppleInsider

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    It's nice... Just need to figure out how to make the font bigger OR... I could just put my glasses on LMAO.

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