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    I was merrily working away, viewing safari web pages, tapping the center of the iPad screen, getting the prompt to 'Open In' and then having a number of apps to choose from when all of a sudden that feature went away and I cannot get it back. I have an IPad 4 with the latest 6.1.2 iOs. At the time I was choosing to open in Notability and had opened a couple of web pages in that app and had added notations to them. The next time I tried it it did not work. I've tried it with
    Pages documents, pdf's, Numbers documents, all to no avail. When I tap the center of the screen, nothing happens except sometimes I get the standard prompt asking if I want to 'copy', 'cut', etc.. That 'open in' feature seems to have disappeared. I can't imagine what has happened. Anyone have any clues as to what I should do. oh, yes, I've also done the ipad restart and that hasn't fixed it either. Help!
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    Usually, you only get the "Open In..." feature when there is something to open (for instance, you'll getmthe prompt if you are viewing PDF files). Otherwise, you won't get the option - you'll just see the Save Photo option (for photos).

    So, what type of web site were you trying to open? You may have found a regular HTML site - and that can only be viewed, not opened elsewhere.


    P.S. I deleted your other thread you started today on this same topic. Making more than one post not only fragments the conversation and makes it hard to follow - it's against the forum rules. Please keep any follow-ups, discussion or updates on this topic to this thread; do not start another. Thanks for your understanding.

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