NYT: Games to be 'a Primary Selling Point' of the new Apple TV

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    At the upcoming event on September 9, Apple is expected to release the next-generation iPhones and iPads as well as a new Apple TV. Gaming has been rumored to be one of the main features and now a fresh report coming from the New York Times seems to suggest the same thing.

    The NYT says that Apple's foray into the console market will allegedly focus on casual gamers instead of those who prefer AAA titles. Thus, Apple will be competing with Nintendo rather than Microsoft or Sony. Electronic Arts and 3DO founder Trip Hawkins also weighed in, saying the following:

    "No company has done more for the digital man-machine interface than Apple. They've warmed up to games and are a worthy candidate to win the family room in the next decade, though the competition and inertia are epic."

    Apple also plans to address content discovery in the updated Apple TV with a new "universal search" feature. Furthermore, consumers would be able to make use of an improved Siri functionality. The new Apple TV is expected to feature a more powerful A-series processor and a new remote control with a built-in microphone and touch pad.

    Source: NY Times

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