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    I am trying out Numbers. I have a spreadsheet of data and when I set a spreadsheet password, I set the 'remember password'. Now every time I open it, it opens without asking for the password. So how do I reset the 'remember...' so that it reverts to asking for the password?

    I tried a new password and that started off asking for the password and showed the slider/ button to remember. Fine. But when I then changed back to my old password, once again it went straight back into opening the file.

    There must be a simple answer but for the moment I cannot see it!

    (Btw it opened up my Excel imported spreadsheet with no problem, so no need to install Excel)

    ====================Edit ================

    Seems like I have found the answer: the author forgot to put the function into Numbers. A post of Jan 2014 has the same problem and no solution, apart from using a new password each time! (When you close the file, it shows the file to be padlocked and hence password protected, which it is not!)

    Ref: Numbers password bug at

    So it seems I will have to install Excel, unless anyone has any bright suggestions, as this makes Numbers pretty well unusable for any sensitive or personal data, which is annoying and sad. :-(


    I have submitted a bug report via, but as this problem has been commented upon over a year ago, I won't hold my breath (or use Numbers for anything confidential.)
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