Notes App Search bug in iOS 9?

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by AndiiRoo, Oct 6, 2015.

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    What happened to the feature of taking me to the searched-for text string and highlighting it with a yellow highlighter? This has been a very useful frequently used feature for me, especially with large notes and where there are a number of occurrences of the text throughout the note. Now it just takes me to the beginning of the note containing the match no matter how many there are in the note!

    For example, I use Notes alongside learning French with Duolingo, to add reminders of many things, and now Search cannot go back and display all the occurrences in yellow highlighting the strings throughout the Note. What a nuisance. As is the change to the views of running background Apps to overlapping sliding Panels, displaying in a different order than before, making it much harder to see text in the background when quickly switching to and from Notes. As a result it is now harder to see text by way of a 'quick reference' by double tapping the Home button, instead requiring each App to be fully opened and switched between, to read it, which is much slower. Hard to explain, but I have gone back to iOS 8.4.1 for now in the hope that it is a bug that will be fixed. Hardly a step forward if the Search feature is crippled
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    Apple giveth, and Apple taketh away. It looks like with all the new features this one got left behind. Since Notes is pretty much a complete re-write of the app, I suppose it was inevitable that something old changed; but I can see where it's a major pain for you and the way you are used to using Notes.

    Hopefully they will add it back in a future update.

    Of all my note apps, only two of them both highlight searched for text inside the note and work with the new Slide Over feature: Notability and Evernote. Both are overkill for what you want, but the basic Evernote account is free.

    By the way, I did play with Duolingo for a while. I kept my notes in Evernote, mostly vocabulary and phrases. I did it because Evernote had a flashcard app that would work with a note book. It was cool, but no longer seems to be supported. The current presentation mode is a poor substitute.

    (not all Evernote features are available in the free account)

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