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    A little bit of background...

    I am a bit of a technology enthusiast, gamer slash programmer. I love my gadgets and hardware. I've always used windows as my primary OS and Linux coming a close second. I've never owned anything "apple" before.


    I am a member (owner) of my own company. We Design and install sprinkler systems both commercially and special risk. We also Import and supply sprinkler equipment throughout South Africa.

    After keeping a close eye on the tablets since the first iPad and reading a lot of reviews I decided to buy the iPad 2 in June 2011.

    My Pros for purchasing the IPad.

    1. Studying
    2. Email out of the Office.
    3.Remote Desktop*
    4. Notes
    5. Project Management

    Motivating my pros.


    As of 2009 I had to get my certification as a sprinkler engineer, our oldest member that has certification will be retiring. The engineering course was a 2 year course comprising of Hydraulic calculations and theory from the 70's up to current date.

    Needles to say I failed my 2010 exam because of the difficult pass rate. Just to put it into perspective, the exam itself is *a 2 day exam consisting of 5 - 2hr papers each day. You have to have a 90% average to pass!!*

    I have a existing Bsc Degree : Information Computational Intelligence and this Engineering Certification was out of this world !! *

    Since I got my IPad in June 2011, I uploaded all my notes and rule books. I had all my study material on hand anytime anywhere. This helped allot as I travel a lot to sites. So whenever I had time on my hands I could study.

    I rewrote the exam in December 2011, and was the only graduate out of 60 that wrote for 2011. The iPad helped me achieve this goal!! Having my notes and material on me all the time made all the difference in the world! I used PDF reader and iBooks to reference notes from one rule book to another and review PDF presentation. Apart from old school calculator and formulas, I used Docs To Go to crunch my formulas in an excel sheet!!*

    Studying at night I had some relaxing music playing in the background on my iPad *:)

    Email out of the Office.

    This is a easy one. Like I said before I travel allot to sites, and used a blackberry to keep in touch with my mails when I am out of the office. The iPad handles mails with such simplicity and ease!! I see email as luxury not having to make some phone calls with a simple yet comprehensive reply. It has all the options to attach and forward necessary documentation. I've used Evernote to compile reports on site with simple sketches made by hand on a piece of paper, then taking a photo of it, and mailing it... It just gets things done. No need to get back to the office the next day, downloading photos from your phone and trying to remember what you did on site.*

    Remote Desktop

    I also handle all our company's IT. My Bsc came in handy for something. I would always get a phone call from the Office when I am on site, then some one can't connect on the network etc. With my IPad I simply launch remote desktop, log into any machine on my network and again get things done. Yes I know sometimes the broadband goes down. :)

    As mentioned above making notes on site and even typing this review on "Notes" Simple...

    Project Management

    I used "2do" on my iPad to manage my projects with the greatest of ease.

    The list and capabilities are endless with the iPad. I've had 0-day problems with my iPad. The battery lasts forever, if you use the iPad being productive the battery WILL outlast your concentration span!

    And to stir things a bit!! Yes you can replace a notebook or laptop with a IPad it all just depends what your needs are eg. If you blog and surf the net, read mails, books you really can do with just your iPad.

    Personally I design in Autocad so I cannot ditch my Laptop, but I can upload my drawings to Autocad WS on my iPad and share it with my client on site. Another tick for Apple!!! I print on my network at work, and even access quotes from sites through VPN on my server. Simply awesome!!!

    My personal opinion of the iPad?

    I see it as a extension to my productivity at work. It keeps me organized, and up to date. It simplifies tasks with a professional touch.

    Kicking back at home I can relax with cup of coffee browsing the net, reading flip board, or just leave it on charge knowing it made a difference in my life today and will be ready to make a difference in my life tomorrow.*

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    Great review, Nino!! Good luck with your future career in your business enterprise!! Nice to see the ipad help assist you during your pre- and post-development! :)
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    really good review

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