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    Hi I like many have been very lucky and received a new iPad for christmas which I am in love with but two things frustrate me: app store... why isn't it the same as the iPhone? I appreciate they are different but the navigation on the iPhone is great, it's just the iPad doesn't display categories with in categories like the iPhone ie: games have action, board, etc etc etc and iPad has just new and noteworthy and what's hot, so I find unless I know exactly what I want browsing is a nightmare.
    Also while on that subject if I choose to buy/download an app why does it send you back to the start of the category and not the last place you were looking ...?

    Is this just me ? Or am I doing something wrong?

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    Apr 20, 2010
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    No king6897, it isn't you!

    While it is great to have 300,000 apps available, trying to navigate is very difficult! That is why I use AppShopper. This is a really good app. It let's you establish a wish list, an owners list, and if you want to buy the app, you can start in AppShopper and it will take you to the AppStore. With AppShopper, you can also set your search criteria, such as free apps, iPad only apps, and in categories, such as finance, productivity, etc.

    It does not have a subcategory search within games such as puzzles versus action games. However if you search "action games" and the developer tagged the app as 'action' it will find it in search.

    There is another app called Appolicious. This app offers user favorite lists. It isn't as easy to use as AppShopper. But if you want to see what other endusers use, this is a good place to go.

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