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Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by lasekeye, Oct 20, 2011.

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    Oct 19, 2011
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    I know the ipad doesn't support flash. I think I may be fine with that.....except, I don't know exactally what that means for what I want my ipad to do. I have searched this site and Googled too, without acutal facts of the differences. Our family doesn't own Apple (yet), so I don't know how the differences will affect me.
    What types of things will I miss from my Windows laptop experiences because of not having flash.

    There is also lots of talk about email issues. Will I still be able to use my hotmail, what about my Telus Webmail account?

    I just returned a BB Playbook, because it can't support Adobe Digital Media and Overdrive from my Public Library. Being able to read library books in protected EPub format is more important (ipad does this), also Playbook didn't support Netflix (ipad does this).

    I really liked its smaller size...but can't have everything. I am looking for a good ereader, receipe searches, play some games (not a serious gamer), couch surf the web, have calendar functions, watch Netflix, ease of travel. I don't need 3G, won't download music ( will use streamed music instead) don't care about camera..facetime and such.

    I live in a very small remote town, and must drive 3 hrs each way to even get to a Best Buy/Future Shop type store to really check things out, so I am looking forward to your replies, and your help to "research" my purchase.

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    Welcome to our forum, some one will respond soon so hang in there

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