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    howdy, howdy all...

    I joined the forum a week or so ago and have enjoyed reading most of the posts from both novices and experts around here, have had some great direction to some amazing apps, etc. I've had a handful of iPods and iTouch's over the past few years, but recently joined the big leagues with the purchase of both an iPad and an iPhone 4 this past month. I still use a pc, but am seriously considering the purchase of a Mac.

    I'm pretty typical as far as my views go w/ Apple, that being I love the product, just not a fan of some of the constraints, i.e. Adobe. I see both sides of the coin and have made my choice to buy the product so no room for complaint, right? :)

    Looking forward to posting some of my questions in the near future that will help me get to that prestigious expert status.

    Happy holidays to you all!

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