New York Class Teaches Dogs to Use iPads and Take “Selfiesâ€!

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    CNET has a really fun story today all about a new iPad class for dogs that has just opened in New York, with the aim of teaching dogs to use iPads. The class even includes lessons in how your pet pooch can take his or her own “selfie†pictures with the iPad camera, and you can see some of the results at the top of this post! Some of them haven't quite got the hang of it yet!

    The doggie iPad lessons were the idea of Anna Jane Grossman and Kate Senisi, joint-owners of the School for the Dogs dog-training academy. Even they admit the idea of iPad lessons for dogs is “kind of silly,†but it certainly sounds like the iDog clinics are lots of fun for owners and pets alike!

    The classes have approximately four owners and dogs at a time, and aim to teach the dogs basic tablet skills. “We teach them to touch their nose to a hand, and then we usually move on to an object, like the end of a baton or fly swatter,†Grossman told CNET. “It’s a good exercise in helping owners develop their training skills.â€

    While cats already have several iPad apps of their own to play with, and are frequent stars of cute YouTube videos where they play with iPad apps, there are currently no apps specifically designed for dogs, but Grossman says apps such as YesNo, Big Camera Button, and Doodle Buddy seem to be very useful in helping to train dogs to use the iPad.

    The classes cost $50 for 60 minutes, and are growing in popularity, according to Grossman. “I think people are starting to see the iPad classes stuff less as a novelty and more as something that actually can be a step towards developing other kinds of training skills.â€

    Source: iPad pooches: Tablet training goes to the dogs | Crave - CNET
    Photo credit: School for the Dogs
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    Good idea. I am teaching cadavers how to do needlepoint and drive a stick. Perhaps a dog that knows how to surf the web can be handy.
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    I taught a new born infant how to do taxes so yes a dog surfing on the net is much needed worldwide!

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