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    A cool new app Optical Inquisitor 17+
    ★★★ Introducing Optical Inquisitor 17+ ★★★

    Its the year 1988. Acid wash jeans are in.
    Our hero, Tommy Rissken has been betrayed by his friends and had to serve a prison sentence for 8 years.

    Now he's back with a vengeance. With your help, he'll get his revenge on his 'friends' and be able to return to his daughter.

    Top 10 Strategy Game in over 10 countries!

    **NOTE: Compatible with iPhone 4, iPad 2 and up.**


    - Superior Sniper mechanics
    - Great ragdoll physics, destructible bodies
    - Racing and Underground Gamblers Club
    - Great cartoon animations
    - Amazing 80s style soundtrack from 'Perturbator', 'RTRY', 'Vector Hold', 'Protector-101', 'Palm Highway Chase', 'Tommy', 'Betamaxx', 'Flash Аrnold', 'M-Town Vice', 'Vincenzo Salvia', 'Hot Hot Hawk', 'Brutal Pony Riders', 'Bestrack', 'The Аstral Stereo Project', 'Bourgeoisie', 'Mr Pteez', 'Quasars', 'DrPECCO'
    - Build your own weapons
    - Great interactive elements in levels
    - Old 80's style cell phones
    - No IAP
    Link to iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/app/optical-inquisitor-17+/id720825227
    Available for iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch only.
    I recommend you to download this awesome game.

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