New Video Shows Comparative Size of iPad Air Plus

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    Phone Arena reports today on a new video that shows the rumoured iPad Air Plus (or rather, a mock-up of the iPad Air Plus) in comparison with several other iPad models.

    As the video shows, and as you might expect from the forthcoming tablet’s name and dimensions, the iPad Air Plus seems to be much bigger than the other iPads that it is compared to.

    This comes as no surprise, however, as Apple is believed to be intending the iPad Air Plus to be more of a productive device than a device for consuming entertainment. Think of it as the MacBook Pro of the range rather than the MacBook Air: bigger, slightly less portable, but with (presumably) higher specs that ensure that the device can be used for more productive means.

    For the iPad Air Pro, the emphasis is intended to be more on what the tablet can do, rather than how portable it is.

    If the rumours are true, then we can expect to be seeing the iPad Air Plus in early 2015.

    Source: Phone Arena

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