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Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by hjfpac, Nov 13, 2012.

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    I am a bandleader. Right now we are using binders with printed music. We were thinking about scanning our music and using ipads instead. I was thinking I would call a song number or name and the other members of the band would go to it on their ipads. But is there some way I can go to the song on my ipad, and theirs would automatically go there, ie, be controlled by mine? Thanks.
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    Hello hjfpac, welcome to the forum. When you have some time, head over to our newcomers subforums and introduce yourself. Take a little more time and read the stickies on how to use the forum and also rules on how to use the forum.

    As a musician, my iPad does a very good job of supporting me through learning music, rehearsing with other musicians and performing the music. Once we have purchased the score, or now a days you can buy licensed PDF files, I download my music into a music reader app such as Gigbook or MusicReader or ForScore. These three programs allow you to mark the score and run recordings for personal practice. The best thing about the iPad in performance is you can read your music under low light levels--you don't need stand lights!

    In terms of what you are doing, with these apps you can put the scores in order of performance, so if everyone has the same order, then you don't even have to say '1', 'next' would probably work. I'm assuming you don't have a lot of band members with attention deficit disorders. I participate in a large choir and many of them get off to wool gathering that they loose their place even with an iPad.

    Regarding controlling the iPads from your maestro iPad? That would be great! But that would require wifi wherever you perform and an additional app to control those iPads. Perhaps someone in the education field knows of such an app, where a teacher presents the course work and have only those pages on student iPads?

    Another benefit of using iPads at performance is the sound of page turns. Might not be a problem with a rock band, but in a choral performance there comes a mighty sound when sixty people turn their page on the downbeat!


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