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    I got a new screen protector from Walmart. Yep. Not the best choice. After hours of putting it on, and off and back on, I got it to a tolerable point. I think it's called writeright. Anyone use that brand? I used my squeegee from my old one and it seems to have left scratches all over it. But not noticeable when ure not looking for them. It was cheap but I just need it to protect my iPad until I can get the better one back. Living in a house with 3 dogs and a cat has made all of them a huge pain to put on as there are no dust free places in my house. Anyways, just wondering if anyone has used a cheap one and regretted it? Will it do for now? I'm worried that if there's scratches on the protector that it may have gone through. I think I'm over reacting but thought I'd get some opinions. I don't see any. Just the one on the protector. I'm afraid to take it off bc I don't think I'll get it back on any better than this. Haha! I was going to clean and re use my old more expensive one but before I figured out how to, my cat....sat on it. There's no getting all that off of there. He was running around with it stuck to him. Sorry for the lengthy post. I'd freak out if anything happened to my iPad (as anyone would) and with two kids and all those pets....I guess I over worry. Thanks in advance :)

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