New Rumours Surface of iPad 3 Launch in October

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 12, 2011.

By Maura on Aug 12, 2011 at 1:00 PM
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    Although I know most people still don’t believe Apple will be launching a new iPad before the end of the year, it’s still worth repeating the latest rumour on Japanese website Macotakara, which according to AppleInsider is saying that Apple has plans to release the iPad 3 in October, and will be announcing that very fact in September. As AppleInsider notes, Macotakara has quite a good track record with its Apple stories, being one of the first websites to report back in March 2011 that Apple would not be releasing its next iPhone in the traditional June-July period, which of course proved to be right on the money. Macotakara’s story backs up a DigiTimes story from this July that also said that Apple will be launching the iPad 3 in October, with production starting in September. Other rumours swirling around about the iPad 3 say that it could have a Retina Display screen with double the resolution of the iPad 2. It certainly sounds plausible, but I’m thinking there should surely have been some iPad 3 case leaks by now if we really are getting a new one in October?

    Source: AppleInsider | Rumor: Apple to begin 'iPhone 4S,' iPad 3 production in Sept for Oct launch


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 12, 2011.

    1. fanturo
      I will buy it :))
    2. Destroyer
      it would be crazy the iPad2 is destroying the competition no mention $$$ more than ever, unless they finally got greedy it would be shame.

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    3. StevenRiley
      Looking for my 4th IPad for the family so I will be waiting just in case it does come out in October, or November if it does not come out in October.
    4. Destroyer
      well in case it come true and we have an ipad3 depends the specs I would buy one, so my wife can take mine as a reader(she reads a lot). Or maybe the upgrade is not that great and we ended up with a cheap ipad2

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    5. b00bie
      Not gonna happen period......
    6. gharrop
      I have always believed that Apple will expand the range of IPads to help keep competition at bay, add a higher price point and encourage more iPad 1 trade ups before the holiday season , an iPad 2 with a better screen resolution is the most likely option.....iPad 2 HD for October?
    7. thewitt
      In order to launch in October they would need to be in full production now, robbing capacity from the iPad 2 which would show significant shortages.

      Not going to happen.

    8. SweetPoison
      Thank You!
    9. Marcus.9907
      Maybe an iPad mini is in the works to compete with smaller tablets. Just a thought tho. No real facts to base this. Who knows it might be an iPad lite, cheaper but with less features. Not something apple usually does but considering the iPod line, wouldn't be too far fetched

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