New rumor: Apple might be looking to make its own chips

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    Apple is looking to do more and more by itself and without bringing in external partners. A new report coming via the controversial site SemiAccurate, claims that Apple has recently acquired a chip fab plant. According to the people behind the story, this has been expected for some time, as the Cupertino giant was anticipated to start building its own CPUs at some point in time.

    At the moment, we are not sure which plant we’re talking about since the whole deal is hidden behind a paywall, so it’s impossible to be sure. However, the story has been tagged with “UMC†– reference which seems to indicate towards Taiwan’s United Microelectronics Corporation. If the rumor turns out to be true, it means that Apple will finally manage to step away from arch enemy Samsung and drop its manufacturing services.

    TSMC will probably be left high and dry as well, if this turns out to be the case. So far, Samsung is the sole provider of AX series chips for the iOS suite.

    We’re not sure what to think of the report because the name suggest, the website posts “semi-accurate†information. For example, back in 2011, they announced that MacBooks will be getting a processor rehaul, with Apple incorporating A-series chips rather than Intel. No need to mention that this didn’t happen. On the other hand, they accurately predicted the return of NVIDIA graphics on the MacBooks. We just have to wait and see.

    Source: SemiAccurate


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