New Prices for Older iPad Models Still on Sale Start at $249

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    Whenever Apple launches its newest iPads, it discounts previously announced models, to make sure it still manages to squeeze some sales out of them. However, more often than not, many users are actually quite interested by the price cuts, as these result in some great deals.

    Such is the case this year, as well, because, as you can see in the above screenshot, you can get the original iPad Mini for as low as $249. Up next is the iPad Mini 2 that can be yours for $299. You can also get the 1-year old iPad Air for $100 less.

    Judging by the few new features the iPad mini 3 has received, the iPad mini 2 seems to be the most interesting offer, being cheaper by $100. And you won't get the fingerprint scanner and the gold color option. But what's on the inside is pretty much the same, so hurry up until they're still on sale.

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