New Patent Applications Detail the Use of Liquidmetal in Future Apple Products

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    We’ve previously covered news regarding Apple’s interest in Liquid metal alloys back in July, last year and more recently, in November 2013. Now, the MacRumors publication has discovered 17 new patent applications published this past Thursday which address additional innovations with Liquidmetal alloys. The inventors listed on the patents are Apple employees, so this is clear indication that Cupertino is looking to use this technology in future products.

    One of the most important patent applications suggests the use of Liquidmetal alloys in pressure sensors such as those found in buttons and switches which could ensure greater durability.

    Liquidmetal alloys could also be used as a way to secure devices against unauthorized access by deploying the new material in tamper-resistant screws.

    Another interesting patent application details how the new material could be applied in the touch sensor grid for increased accuracy.

    The patent applications were filed in June or July of 2012, which could be an indication of the fact that we might see a future iPhone or iPad carrying this innovative technology.

    Source: MacRumors, iPhoneforums

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