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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Tuttle, Sep 21, 2013.

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    I have been hoping---since the first days of iPad 1, that Apple would provide a decent e-mail app. I was very disappointed in the latest iOS 7 iteration. I wanted to delete some 400 emails, and (apparently), I have to check each one individually to trash it. Can anyone please tell me that I am wrong---and how to check all of them simultaneously?

    I can check them all at once, but then the trash option disappears---and all I can do is mark them as read.

    P.S. Well, I screwed up the word Mail in the title of this thread, but the one there actually says how I feel (en francais, bien sur!)
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    No, select all is still missing.

    They did add Delete All to the Trash and Junk folders of most non-iCloud accounts; Yahoo and GMail for sure. In iOS 6 this feature was only available for iCloud accounts.

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