New leaked drawings showcase iPad 5’s thinner bezel design

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    In anticipation of the next generation iPad, rumors have been propagated online with hints towards the purported design and hardware specs. But French website took it a little further and just posted some images that showcase drawings which seem to detail the upcoming iPad.

    The sketches seem to provide more veridicity to the rumor that the next iPad will feature a similar design to the iPad mini. In the schematics, a lot of details can be spotted, most importantly, the speaker has been placed on the bottom, just as we have seen with the shrunken tablet.

    Due to the thinner bezel which can be spotted in the gra​​phics, the next gen iPad will feature an overall thinner body and reduced width. The French website has also posted a picture where various models of the iPad are presented, in order to achieve a quick comparison. According to the image, the next gen iPad should be thinner than the iPad 4 and extremely similar to the iPad mini in thickness.

    DigiTimes has, for example, posted a precise estimation of what the iPad 5 makeover would be like. They estimated that Apple is going to make it 15% thinner and 33% lighter.

    Even if the sketches provide information that is complementing previous rumors, we should bear in mind that doesn’t have the squeakiest track record. In the past, the website has made some wild assumptions. Their latest fail involves making an announcement about an iPad 5 front panel which turned out to actually be an iPad mini digitizer in the end.

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