NEW ITEM: caseen NATUREGUARD Lint-Free & Anti-Static Screen Cleaning Wipes

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    caseen has a new product! We developed some very nice cleaning wipes that we're specifically made for cleaning the screens of tablets and mobile phone devices. They are very gentle, and therefore also work on camera lenses, glasses, and other glass surfaces! It's lint free, and probably man's best friend when installing screen protectors on capacitive touch screens!. Check them out!



    caseen NATUREGUARD pre-moistened wipes are specifically formulated to gently remove oils, dirt, and dust from touch screen tablets, cellphones, and eReader devices. Being made entirely from high density wood pulp, the tissue does not leave behind residual fiber when used. This makes it a great wipe to use when preparing a device for screen protector installation! Only gentle, all natural, yet effective cleansing chemicals were used in production. These chemicals do not damage or cause wear to any special screen or screen protector coatings often in use today. The wipes are safe to use on any kind of electronic device screen, glasses, and other lens types. Each box contains 30x wipes.

    NATUREGUARD features:
    • All natural non-toxic formula
    • 100% high density wood pulp tissue. Size: 8.27 x 4.61 in. (210 x 117 mm)
    • Alcohol and ammonia free
    • Odor-free. Does not have or leave behind a pungent smell
    • Anti-static individual wipe packages for further electronic device protection
    • Quick-drying water mark reducing formula

    Thanks for looking!

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