New iPad Models Will Get Touch ID and Apple Pay Support, Recent iOS 8 Beta Suggests

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    Apple is expected to announce the upcoming iPads this month and rumors have already started piling up. One of the most talked about features is support for Touch ID finger print sensor. Now, references to new iPad models with Touch ID support and a settings page for Apple Pay have been discovered hidden in a recent beta of iOS 8.1.

    Developer Hamza Sood was the one who discovered this and posted the evidence on Twitter, in the form of three screenshot images. The first images show a new Passbook pane in the Settings app for setting up Apple Pay, as well as a Privacy Policy page for the new mobile payment service. Apple explains what user data it collects, and what it does with it.

    The third image shows code string from iOS 8.1 labeled ABOUT_PAYMENT_TEXT_IPAD, and the text reads ‘Pay with iPad using Touch ID. With Apple Pay, you no longer need to type card numbers and shipping information.’

    This nsuggests that Apple has iPads with built-in Touch ID sensors on the cards and that they will also support Apple Pay. However, the Apple Pay service will be used for online or in-app shopping and not in-store payments.

    Most likely, before the new iPads are ready for the unveiling, Apple also wants to make sure that the latest iOS 8.1 software is polished, so that there won't be any complaints.

    Source: iDownloadBlog

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