New iPad holds dominion over 5% of all iPads on the internet in the US

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    We saw this coming – the next gen iPad is a major hit. People are going crazy for it, their minds are accelerating and excitement is reaching a fever-pitch! The new tablet has been out since Friday and the demand for it is massive. The interest in the device is spiking, especially for the gorgeous Retina Display.

    Advertising network Chitika has posted a new set of numbers indicating that the new iPad already accounts for 5% of all iPads currently on the Internet. Is Apple setting another record? It might be. The 5% in the opening weekend could translate into Apple selling over a million units of the new iPad, which is just an immense number.

    The network explains how it reached such a conclusion. The iPads are identified through the process of detecting their “user agent†- basically a long string of data unique to the hardware. The number is then scaled down to the U.S. region. It also checks for the pixel density of the ad impression. The new device still reports a 1024x768 but with an added increase in density.

    Apple is known to release early sales numbers quite rigorously in the days following the launch, so official numbers might be on the way... perhaps even this week.

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    Source: The New iPad Accounts for Over 5% of iPads in US Already

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